Rocksplay is a young but up-and-coming perspective company founded in 2013 by true fans of gaming industry!
We are a team of experienced, talented and creative professionals who are ready to implement the boldest worthy ideas. Games are always on our mind. Step by step we are getting closer to our purpose to create the coolest surpassing projects! We are ready to answer any questions about our games and our current vacancies. If you have interesting ideas and suggestions –  do not hesitate to contact us 🙂


Aspire to inspire! Games are art!

We are passionate about what we do. We try to expand boundaries of global gaming industry. We are dedicated to games, because games come first!


Live in games! Do your Best!

We do love games and our dear players. We don’t chase for the quantity, we are focused on high quality. So we try to make only the coolest games to make your game life better!


Make games! Have fun!

We make exciting games full of enjoyable entertainment. We want people to smile and have fun while playing our games. We adore creating cool games that bring you joy!